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CREB1 (N-term) Antikörper

R1188 CREB antibody is shown to detect CREB-1 present in Raji B cell nuclear extract lysates. Detection occurs using a 1/1,000 dilution of antibody followed by 1/5,000 dilution of HRP Goat-anti Rabbit IgG with visualization via ECL. Film exposure approximately 1'. Other detection systems will yield similar results. Rabbit Liquid Hu, Ms, Rt E, EMSA, IP, WB
0.1 ml / 515,00 €
  OriGene Technologies GmbH

Doublecortin Antikörper

Strip blot of rat spinal cord protein extract stained with GFAP. A prominent band at about 55 kDa corresponds to the major isoform of GFAP. Mouse IgG1 Liquid Bov, Chk, Eq, Hu, Ms, Por, Prim, Rt C, ICC/IF, WB
0.1 ml / 380,00 €
  Neuromics Antibodies

2 Artikel

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