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EMILIN1 Antikörper

Cryostat sections of normal Mouse tissues stained with anti-Emilin-1 antibodies. In all Mouse tissues and organs examined, Emilin-1 was uniformly distributed in the stroma. In the skin, Emilin-1 staining colocalizes with LYVE-1-positive lymphatic vessels surrounding hair follicles. In the small intestine, it colocalizes with LYVE-1-positive lacteals and submucosal lymphatic vessels. At higher magnification, in the lung and lymph nodes, it is more evident that Emilin-1 is distributed at the abluminal surfaces of LECs . In the lymph node, Emilin-1-positive fibers connecting LECs to the surrounding ECM are evident. Rat IgG2a C11A8 Purified Ms C, ICC/IF, WB
0.1 mg / 350,00 €
  OriGene Technologies GmbH

1 Artikel

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