SM12P Mouse IgG2b Isotype Control

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100 Tests / 310,00 €
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Mouse anti Mouse IgG2b Isotype Control


Produktbeschreibung für Mouse IgG2b Isotype Control

Mouse anti Mouse IgG2b Isotype Control.
Presentation: Aff - Purified
Product is tested for Frozen Sections, Flow Cytometry, Paraffin Sections.

Produktdaten von Mouse IgG2b Isotype Control

Produkt-Kategorie Isotypkontrollen
Menge 100 Tests
Synonyme Mouse IgG2b Negative Control
Präsentation Aff - Purified
Anwendungen C, F, P
Klonalität Polyclonal
Wirt Mouse
Isotype IgG2b
Shipping to Worldwide
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Hersteller OriGene Technologies GmbH
Material safety datasheet MSDS for Monoclonal Antibodies (de)


Anwendung Can be used in Flow Cytometry, Immunohistochemistry on Frozen, Paraffin and Resin Sections.
Concentration 0.1 mg/ml
General Readings
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Storage Store undiluted at 2-8°C for one month or (in aliquots) at -20°C for longer.
Avoid repeated freezing and thawing.
Shelf life: one year from despatch.
Affinity Chromatography on Protein A
Buffer System:
0.09% Sodium Azide
1% BSA
Liquid purified IgG fraction
Aff - Purified
This antibody is a Mouse IgG2b monoclonal antibody arising from a spontaneous murine plasmacytoma. The antibody does not react with any human cell surface markers, and may therefore be used as an isotype matched negative control reagent.
Test results show that this antibody is also suitable for use as a Negative Control with Bovine, Ovine, Porcine, Canine and Guinea-Pig tissues.

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