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NB120-14533 cardiac Troponin I Antikörper

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Mouse anti cardiac Troponin I p45-3


Produktbeschreibung für cardiac Troponin I

Mouse anti cardiac Troponin I p45-3.
Presentation: Purified
Product is tested for Enzyme Immunoassay.

Produktdaten von cardiac Troponin I

Produkt-Kategorie Primärantikörper
Menge 0.2 mg
Präsentation Purified
Anwendungen E
Klonalität Monoclonal
Klon p45-3
Wirt Mouse
Isotype IgG2b
Shipping to Not USA/Canada
PDF datasheet Datenblatt ansehen
Hersteller Novus Biologicals Inc.


Synthetic peptide (Human).
Isotype control AM03110PU-N, SM12P
General Readings General / background references:Sarko J & Pollack CV Cardiac troponins. J Emerg Med 23:57-65 (2002). PubMed PMID: 12217473
Gomes AV et al. The role of troponins in muscle contraction. IUBMB Life 54:323-33 (2002). PubMed PMID: 12665242
Hamm CW Acute coronary syndromes. The diagnostic role of troponins. Thromb Res 103 Suppl 1:S63-9 (2001). PubMed PMID: 11567671
Labugger R et al. Extensive troponin I and T modification detected in serum from patients with acute myocardial infarction. Circulation 102:1221-6 (2000). PubMed PMID: 10982534
Wu AH et al. Characterization of cardiac troponin subunit release into serum after acute myocardial infarction and comparison of assays for troponin T and I. American Association for Clinical Chemistry Subcommittee on cTnI Standardization. Clin Chem 44:1198-208 (1998). PubMed PMID: 9625043
Katrukha AG et al. Troponin I is released in bloodstream of patients with acute myocardial infarction not in free form but as complex. Clin Chem 43:1379-85 (1997). PubMed PMID: 9267317
Cummins B et al. Cardiac-specific troponin-I radioimmunoassay in the diagnosis of acute myocardial infarction. Am Heart J 113:1333-44 (1987). PubMed PMID: 3591601
Protein A purified
Buffer System:
Preservative: 0.1% Sodium AzideConstituents: PBS
Protein A purified
Cross-reacts with Human, Mouse, Rat, Cow, Cat, Dog, Fish, Goat, Pig and Rabbit.Not yet tested in other species.

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