AP31651SU-N PMN Antikörper

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5 ml / 670,00 €
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Rabbit anti Mouse PMN


Produktbeschreibung für PMN

Rabbit anti Mouse PMN.
Presentation: Serum
Product is tested for Cytotoxicity Assay.

Produktdaten von PMN

Produkt-Kategorie Primärantikörper
Menge 5 ml
Synonyme Polymorphonuclear Leukocytes
Präsentation Serum
Reaktivität Ms
Anwendungen CT
Klonalität Polyclonal
Wirt Rabbit
Shipping to Worldwide
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Hersteller Acris Antibodies GmbH
Material safety datasheet MSDS for Polyclonal Antibodies (de)


Anwendung Cytotoxic Assays.
In-vivo Depletion.
Test Type:
For Cytotoxic Antibodies: Modified Colormetric Microtiter Assay. (1)
Results: Antisera of this lot (6326) diluted 1:100 exhibits >85% cytotoxicity on Mouse PMNs.
For Agglutinating Antibodies: Antisera dilutions in RPMI-1640 incubated with target cells at 4-8°C for 1hr. Agglutination determined by microscopic observations.
Results: Antisera of this lot (6326) strongly agglutinates Mouse PMNs at dilutions 1:200.
Background Granulocytes are a category of white blood cells characterized by the presence of granules in their cytoplasm. They are also called polymorphonuclear leukocytes (PMN or PML) because of the varying shapes of the nucleus, which is usually lobed into three segments. Granulocytes or PMN are released from the bone marrow by the regulatory complement proteins.
General Readings
  1. Green et.al., J. Imm. Methods, vol 70: 257, (1984)
  2. Lowe et al. J. Appl. Physiol., 1995, 79 (4): 1260-1270
  3. Savov et al, 2002, Am. J. Physiol. Lung Cell Mol. Physiol., 283: L952-L962.
  4. Gao et al, 2005, Physiol Genomics, 21: 230-242
Storage Upon receipt, store undiluted (in aliquots) at -20°C.
Avoid repeated freezing and thawing.
Shelf life: one year from despatch.
Liquid Antiserum.
This antibody is an antiserum directed against Mouse PMNs (Polymorphonuclear Leukocytes).

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