Ab-DeliverIN - Antibody Delivery System - Product Review 24

Efficient intracellular delivery of functional antibodies

Main Features:

  • Delivered antibodies are functional and can reach their target
  • Highly efficient delivery in many cell lines and primary cells
  • Serum compatible
  • Suitable for all antibodies
  • Biodegradable - high cell viability
  • Ready-to-use, straightforward and rapid


Ab-DeliverIN™ is the first dedicated intracellular antibody delivery reagent. This lipid-based formulation is the first serum compatible reagent allowing to deliver functional antibodies into living cells.


Due to its unique properties, Ab-DeliverIN™ forms non-covalent complexes with antibodies through electrostatic and hydrophobic interactions. Consequently, chemical or genetic couplings are not necessary.


Ab-DeliverIN™ opens new fields of investigation in proteomics to elucidate complex molecular mechanisms or to design new potential therapies. For example, the intracellular delivery of blocking antibodies could inhibit and/or neutralize protein function.


Easy to use: simple and rapid

Ab-DeliverIN™ is a rapid and easy method to study protein function. Indeed, Ab-DeliverIN™ is a ready to use reagent, and protein delivery is achieved in a 3-steps process:


1- Mix Ab-DeliverIN™ and proteins
2- Incubate 10 min at room temperature
3- Add onto cells and incubate under standard conditions


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