Antibodies for Plant and Algal Cell Biology - Product Review 29

Antibodies for Plant and Algal Cell Biology

In cooperation with Agrisera, OriGene Technologies GmbH now offers a wide range of antibodies, that are of relevance for the following research fields:

  • Respiration
  • Photosynthesis
  • Stress Physiology
  • Nitrogen Metabolism
  • RNA/DNA Metabolism
  • Developmental Biology

Compartment, Photosystem and Global Antibodies

Agrisera offers a list of antibodies suitable for detection of plant cell compartments. In addition, a vast selection of antibodies is available for detection of photosystem I and II proteins. Some of these antibodies are so called „Global Antibodies“.
Global Antibodies are raised against peptides which are conserved in the target protein across a range of species. This intelligent design generates antibodies with quantitative target recognition across a defined range of species. These antibodies are designed to react evenly with all members of the target protein family, from higher plants or mixed communities or uncharacterized species giving a tool for ecosystem diagnostics. So tracking impact of environmental changes, for example UV radiation, in main oxygen producing microorganisms is going to be possible.



Sensitivity of anti-RbcL antibody #AS01 017: showed by detection of different amounts of Rubisco protein.
S Lane 1 – MW-Marker;
Lane 2 - 0.6 ng (11.4 fmoles);
Lane 3 - 3. 1.8 ng (34.2 fmoles);
Lane 4 - 5.4 ng (102.6 fmoles);
Lane 5 - 16.2 ng rbcL (307.8 fmoles);
Lane 6 - 48.6 ng (923.4 fmoles);
Lane 7 - 145.8 ng (2.77 pmoles);
Lane 8 - 437.4 ng rbcL (8.31 pmoles);
Lane 9 - blank;
Lane 10 - extract of Synechococcus PCC 7942;
Lane 11 - extract of spinach;
Lane 12 – MW-Marker
Conclusion: Anti-RbcL antibody AS01 017 can detect Rubisco protein from 102.6 fmoles, when using ECL Advance as developing reagent. Both, primary antibodies and secondary antibodies were diluted to 1:50 000.


In the table below all AgriSera products (Cat#s AS0…) are listed, which also include some products for animal cell biology.

All products: 33 kDa (PsbO) OEC antibody, AOX1 antibody, Ascorbate Oxidase antibody, AtFtsH11 antibody, AtFtsH12 antibody, AtFtsH6 antibody, AtFtsH9 antibody, ATP Synthase beta antibody, AtPGL35 antibody, cAPX antibody, Carbonic Anhydase antibody, CCS antibody, cdc2/cdk1 antibody, cFBPase antibody, CGE1 antibody, Chitinase I antibody, ClpC antibody, COXII antibody, COXIIb antibody, CPX1 antibody, Cpx2 antibody, CRD1 antibody, Cytochrome c6 antibody, Cytochrome F antibody, Dehydrin antibody, Elip1 (Early light induced protein) antibody, Elip2 antibody, ExoS antibody, FDX1 antibody, FeSOD antibody, FOX1 antibody, FtsZ antibody, gamma-ECS antibody, GDC-H Protein antibody, GDH1 antibody, GLDH antibody, GlnA antibody, Glucanase I antibody, Glutathione Synthase antibody, Glutatione Reductase antibody, GPX antibody, Hcf101 antibody, HSP70 antibody, HSP70B antibody, HSP90C antibody, IDH antibody, Lci5 antibody, LHC Set antibody, LHC Set Chlamy antibody, LHCA1 antibody, LHCA2 antibody, LHCA3 antibody, LHCA4 antibody, LHCA5 antibody, LHCB1 antibody, LHCB2 antibody, LHCB3 antibody, Lhcb4 antibody, Lhcb4 (CP29) antibody, LHCB5 antibody, LHCB6 antibody, Lipoxygenase antibody, Nitrogenase antibody, Plastocyanin antibody, POR antibody, Pre-apoplastocyanin antibody, PrxQ antibody, PsaA (PSI-A) antibody, PsaB antibody, PsaC (PSI-C) antibody, PsaD (PSI-D) antibody, PsaE (PSI-E) antibody, PsaF(PSI-F) antibody, PsaG (PSI-G) antibody, PsaH (PSI-H) antibody, PsaK (PSI-K) antibody, PsaL (PSI-L) antibody, PsaN (PSI-N) antibody, PsaO (PSI-O) antibody, PsaP antibody, psbA Protein antibody, psbA Protein antibody, PsbB (CP47) antibody, PsbD antibody, PsbE antibody, PsbH antibody, PsbI antibody, PsbO antibody, PsbR antibody, PsbS antibody, PsbW antibody, RbcL (Rubisco) antibody, SHMT antibody, SOD1 antibody, SPS antibody, SPS antibody, Tic 40 antibody, Toc 75 (OEP75) antibody, UGPase antibody, V-ATPase ntibody, VIPP1 antibody, XET antibody, XET antibody, YopH/YopY antibody.

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